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TOtaal Info

KBN Association

The KBN is an association that facilitates everything for the current members, OAV tournaments, training, etc., but it can offer more for all currents and styles within the Netherlands. An open door to total collaboration.

TOtaal Karate, the latest platform of the KBN, is an open style and consists of various training elements with the “battle” as a common thread; the origin of martial arts.

Within the KBN it is the bridge to cooperation between Semi and Full, between Traditional, Competition karate, and Reality.

TOtaaL Karate is an Open style platform, which allows each Karate Style / Movement / Sub-Flow or Style / Platform to retain its identity, but is an additional addition to the entire karate spectrum. So you don’t throw anything away, but get a supplement!

Karate is Olympic, which puts the sport in the spotlight. The K.B.N. can connect karate currents through cooperation, making karate a sport that will appeal to a wide target group.