TOtaal Karate

The youngest and newest platform of the Karate-do Bond Netherlands!

The connection between Semi- and Full contact Karate, where traditional and sports karate can work together, will finally become reality in 2018!

The Vision of TOtaal Karate

As a global sport, Karate has become part of the unique Olympic family since 2016. This great professional step forward has also brought with it an enormous responsibility, which the WCF expects from all national Karate federations to take.

The TOtaal Karate should be seen as a kind of umbrella, under which various Karate styles and / or (sub) movements can join while retaining their own identity. Ultimately, the goal is to work together, with Karate as the connecting factor.

About Cor de Ruijter!

Cor de Ruijter (2019 / 89 jaar) respect!!!! 4e DAN TOtaal, 3e DAN IBK (Kyokushin Full Contact)


Stichting TOtaal Karate Nederland, opgericht in 2018.

What is TOtaal Karate?

TOtaal Karate is an open platform, where every style and / or (sub) movement is welcome. Within the entire Karate spectrum, TOtaal Karate is an extra addition, while retaining your own identity (see style / (sub) movement) is guaranteed.

In short: TOtaal Karate is a unique experience that you have to experience once!

How do I become a member of the TOtaal Karate family?

A short email to: Con Voermans is sufficient. He will supervise it further and take care of the registration.


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