Honorary Members Totaal Karate

Honorary members-total-karate This photo shows the warm transfer by old Vrz vd KBN David Roovers and the new (now unfortunately old) Vrz Herman van der Meulen and WKF Vrz / President Antonio Espinós. Neither David nor Antonio are affiliated with or involved in the TOtaal Karate. Found this photo on the WKF site and I think this is an example (from then) how you work together!

Honorary Members TOtaal karate

Honorary Members Totaal Karate

The function of the group of Honorary Members TOtaal Karate Nederland. The daily management and the trainers (gym owners, Teachers, Teachers, etc.) are responsible for the TOtaal Karate. However, it is possible that advice is needed, a different opinion is asked to clarify whether what we want or think is the perfect solution ……….

Who is in this advice/think tank? It is a public and anonymous group consisting of.

      ✔Karate teachers
      ✔Lawyers / Jurists
      ✔Training expert both civil and defense
      ✔Officers and NCOs, both from the Netherlands but also from abroad

I can proudly mention a name, that of the Honorary Chairman of the group. Former KBN chairman Herman van der Meulen.

Some public members are:

Former Chairman of the KBN Herman van der Meulen, Former national coach Stuart Kemp, Referee Harald van der Bol, captain of large shipping and former referee Rob van Dijk, Major CLSK Willem Greven, former board member of KBN Aldo Baggers, Staff AOO CLSK Ard van Bemmel, old board member KBN Francois van Langenveld, CEO Joost Melis, Training expert Natasja Hermans, Major CLSK Stijn van der Heide, CEO Peter Reijns, CEO Pierre van Oosterhout, CEO Ralf van Eerden, CEO John Verschuren, Elt CLSK Gio van Hees, CEO Harry de Rijk, HBO sports management student Roeland van Rijk, Staff AOO Canadian Marine Dacey Burd, Jurist Chris Overbeecke, Lawyer Taco van Dussen, Major CLAS Chris Scherpenzeel, Referee (Bel) and CEO Kris van Steenwegen, Referee (Bel) and CEO Marc Declercq