Every person is unique, nobody has the same physique or inner need. Some want stability where others want to search and discover. This is the basis of TOtaal karate.

TOtaal facilitates this need by leaving room in the curriculum for its own interpretation.

At TOtaal karate we are back with certainly not going to throw away or forget the “old”. It is an addition that can reach a larger target group. We can now be proud that Karate has become Olympic. Karate lives, does not stand still. TOTAL karate moves with it.

It is now important that we can show a complete range of what Karate means. Kihon, Kata and Kumite; provide insight into what training elements they contain. Not only for sports or relaxation, but also as self-defense and resilience.

Definition TO language Karate is an open platform. It is open to all currents and styles and accommodates both traditional Karate and sports Karate. It encompasses all aspects of Karate such as sports, budo, self-defense and resilience.

The platform is guided by efficiency, effectiveness and creativity. All partner techniques techniques are performed with control, but if performed on pad back with force and speed.

TOTAL Karate is made up of training elements with the “thread”, the origin of martial arts, as the common thread. Without attack there is no defense, participants learn how to deal with resistance, stress and uncertainty from the battle. TOTAL Karate wants to let its practitioners become physically and mentally stronger by offering a varied program that leaves room for their back own interpretation during both training and exam.

Competition system TOtaal Karate has its own competition system: Sō-gō Shobu, where the competition continues while points are counted and controlled contact is possible. Different karate currents and styles can thus spar with each other.

During the TOtaal danexamen everyone gives his or her “own” maximum effort, technically, physically and creatively. That’s what it’s about: showing what you can do. The exam candidates will have to perform some techniques on their own punch / kick pad, held by their own partner. All this is shown in a responsible and safe manner. For details, please refer to these exam requirements.

During the exam, age, sex and physical possibilities are of course taken into account. The curriculum can be deviated from in consultation. In that case, the candidate must submit the program in WORD to the Federal Bureau at least four months before the exam, for assessment.