Erik Krouwel 7-8-2020 Died The Hague

Erik was 77 years old
A referee KBN
A referee TOtaal Karate
Member of the referee committee TOtaal Karate
We’re gonna miss you mate !!!!!!!!!!!
Rob Bos / Con Voermans Referee Committee TOtaal Karate 

Erik krouwel 6th DAN TOtaal Karate Netherlands ….. last honor, last greeting. Thanks mate!

Referee TOtaaL Referees (KBN, IBK, IKO, SKI, JKA, etc)

Referee committee TOtaal Karate Nederland. We can proudly report that we have found 2 very experienced “mentors”, willing to join the committee. Erik Krouwel and Rob Bos welcome.

Moments Where TOtaaL Referee Attended