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Advance notice!!!! Referee course

Open to everyone regardless of current, style or organization, A karate family !!!!

WKF / Shobu Ippon / TOtaal rules will be reviewed on this day. Deepening in score, displacements of the Referee, etc … how to become a more effective referee.

This course is a great experience for NOT referees, such as table staff, parents, club coaches, etc, everyone is welcome.

Location, dates and any costs will be announced shortly.


Con Voermans TOTAL Karate Netherlands

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TOtaal DAN exam training starts from today (7/15/2020), September 11 in Roosendaal TOTAL DAN exams, Commandobaan 6, Sporthal in den Roos.

To get more details download the file.

Thursday, July 30, 2020: Contact tact training (on pads and kickback), TOtaal exam training,
sharpness and posture.

To get more details download the file.

Thursday 16 April Total language internship at Tensho in Leeuwarden! More info will follow

September 11th TOtaal DAN degree exams in Roosendaal

Sports hall in the Roos

Commandobaan 6, 4706CL, Roosendaal

1900 to 2000 hours 1st to 3rd DAN TOTAL DAN exams

2000 to 2100 4th DAN and higher DAN exams.

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